Route Planner

How does it work?

  • Contract acceptance

    A contract can be added into the system by a customer through the web portal, by an authorized person through administration interface, and it can be imported from an external file. It is up to you which way you prefer for each contract.

  • Itinerary planning

    A route is created from accepted contracts. There are two ways routes are then planned – automatically or manually by an authorized person. The route is then assigned to a driver.

  • Push notification to a driver

    Push notification will come to a driver’s phone right after a route is planned. Immediately he knows about newly planned route and any change made to assigned contracts.

  • Route optimization

    System authorized person as well as the drivers have the ability to optimise a given route and edit individual contracts including shifting the order.

  • Navigation to a place of a contract

    Application guides the driver through his preferred GPS navigation to the closest contract destination – and so on to the next contract.

  • Contract operations

    Driver’s use mobile operations application where he can easily switch contract status to finished, creates bills for used materials, list completed tasks and/or attach photo documentation.

Displayed contract information setting

Contract displaying on a map

Contract specifications

Mobile application

The mobile application is designed for a driver who performs contracts service jobs.

What can you find in the application?

  • Contracts overview
  • Navigation to contract locations
  • Calling to a customer through application
  • Request rescheduling
  • Contract operations information (notes, status, finished tasks, photo documentation…)

Mobile application RoutePlan Now on Google play.

Contract operations

Contract menu

Adding contract


Interconnection with Logbook

MotoMon logbook is…

MotoMon logbook is our original and most successful GPS tracking platform project that has been in operation since 2005. Since then it has become one of the most elaborate and popular systems for fleet management and electronic log book with operations around the world.

Route Planner

Routeplan is an additional module within the electronic logbook. MotoMon service is not required, The Routeplan functionality can operate as a Stand Alone system, but know that using MotoMon logbook brings many advantages.

  • Real-time GPS tracking of vehicles
  • Automatic logbook generation
  • GPS fleet and driver security
  • Mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Sophisticated alert system
  • T.E.M.S. Transport Environment Monitoring System

And much more…


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